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Posted by Lorraine Nielson on November 10, 2011 at 9:20 PM

Best prices on video converter software that works for all formats.

The MP4 video format is also called MPEG-4 or sometimes just MPEG. MP4 is known as the universal format because it plays on the widest range of devices and works across the Mac and Windows platforms. (On the Mac, MP4 files are called Quicktime files, but the two formats are identical; only the names are different.) MP4 quality is great, and the file size is reasonably small.

I decided to buy an MP4 converter because I'm constantly switching back and forth between devices. My Flip Video Camera records in AVI format. I have a Macbook Pro laptop that plays MP4/Quicktime files, and so does my iPod. My iPhone also plays MP4, but some of my friends have the Blackberry, which requires 3GP formatting for video. And I like sharing my home videos on the internet. Facebook and YouTube can handle the MP4 format, but uploading goes a lot faster if I convert MP4 to FLV. I also like to convert DVD to MP4 so I can watch movies on my computer without having to dig out the disc.

I saved myself a lot of trouble and extra expense by buying an MP4 converter that will handle all formats. It cost me a bit of extra money up front, but at least I know when I find a new video file to watch, I'll be able to put it on any device that I choose and get an excellent quality result.

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